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Android Developer - Contract

Location: Atlanta, GA
Date Posted: 08-03-2015

Job Location:  The Weather Channel, Atlanta, GA
Skills for the Android Developer should include:
Android app developer experience in Java;

Developer experience must include Android ICS (4.0.X) API level or later.  Solid custom visual UI/activity design experience.  Android fragments, tabs, view pager, list views with custom adapters
Use of handlers & threads for processing with status postback to the UI , notifications, and dialogs
Strong Java programming knowledge, e.g. patterns, annotations, message handling, etc
Basic NDK usage/experience (minimally build & link existing stuff into the application)
Troubleshooting using ADB shell, logcat interpretation, Android debugger, Experience in Android application JUnit testing
Bonus if you’re Android Developer skills include:
Fluent on background processing (threading & handlers), REST calls, asynchronous programming models
Experience/prior use of an Android application testing/automation framework (e.g. monkeyrunner, T-Plan Robot, SeeTest, etc.)

Built AOSP from source
Experience in dealing with discrepancies/nuances across different Android device vendors
Experience with apps that configure, affect the system…e.g. launchers, adds accounts to account manager, uses Device Policy API, etc.

Worked in distributed work environment/remote team members.  C/C++ programming experience
Dexguard experience

Knowledge about Process and Threading-model of Android apps
Able to write libraries that are used within several Android apps (project management within eclipse)
Demonstrate past occasions of inheriting existing, large code base
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